Julie Mills at Progressive Pilates has been a wonderful partner in understanding my fitness objectives and customizing my Pilates sessions to meet my specific needs. Pilates was a critical component in my pregnancy plan for strengthening core muscle groups and counter balancing my changing body as my pregnancy progressed. Julie and I met twice a week up to two weeks prior to my baby's arrival and I'm certain that our preparations significantly aided in a speedy and nearly painless c-section recovery. As a working mother, where time management is a priority, Pilates remains at the top of my list. Visit Progressive Pilates and judge for yourself. You'll feel stronger, you'll stand a little taller and you'll feel your confidence surge!

Colleen Sims

As a sixty-six year old woman with Type 2 diabetes, I know the important role exercise plays in my overall health. Walking, swimming and cycling give me the aerobic benefits, but I wanted to add more - focusing on strength, flexibility and balance in particular.

For that reason, I began working out at Progressive Pilates last summer; most recently training with Laura Steurer. It is the physical workout I expected with an added benefit: an educational experience. Every session teaches me more about how the muscles of the human body work in such an interconnected way. I attend twice weekly. The sessions are never repetitive and I always come away with the feeling I have had a good workout and have learned something as well.

Carolynn Linn

Progressive Pilates is a place where I spend most of my "me" time. I decided to try Pilates a year ago, on a whim, and haven't looked back. My physical health and mental wellbeing have both skyrocketed. I have rehabilitated an ankle reconstruction and a knee repair in the last year through a skillfully modified course of Pilates workouts with Christy McCormick, the benefits of which surpassed the physical therapy process. This year, I have lost over 20 pounds and 2 sizes this year owing to a combination of an MD approved diet, aerobic activity and Pilates three times a week. Friends have taken notice and often comment on the radical change in my body.

Sometimes I believe that Pilates is my lifeline to sanity in these very challenging economic times. Everyone is cutting back on non-essentails in this tough economic and market environment - I am too. But, I will not cut back on my wellbeing. I will not cut back on Pilates.

Susan Tannehill

Julie, just a short note to thank you for introducing me to Pilates. I can really feel, and even see, the increased strength in my core muscle groups. Better yet, my golfing buddies can't figure out why I'm out driving them by 10 to 20 yards!

Thanks again,
Joe Kaylor

My wife, Joanne began taking Pilates lessons from Julie Mills at Progressive Pilates and would come home full of praise about how much she was learning and how Julie was helping her develop her core muscles. Joanne has always worked out and been physically active in her career and in her leisure. Joanne was truly amazed at the things she was doing wrong and at some of the misconceptions she'd had. So I thought I'd give Pilates a try and am very glad I did!! I've always been a runner and a swimmer and Julie taught me techniques (that I didn't know) to develop my core muscles and improved the techniques I did know. Subsequently, I have continued to increase my distance running, with more stamina, and have also noticed significant improvement in my swimming!

John Morley

After working with Christy McCormick, I have seen improvements in my overall flexibility, movement and attitude! These changes are significant to me considering that I have a neuromuscular disease.

The studio has a very pleasant atmosphere, completely equipped with Pilates specific equipment to meet most any requirement. Julie Mills, the owner of the studio always ensures that each training session will be the best for you to meet your goals.

Joseph Brown

I came to Progressive Pilates because Julie Mills came highly recommended from my yoga instructor. Through my yoga practice I had realized just how much the tendons and muscles had tightened up in my legs, lower back and hips. As my training with Julie progressed, she introduced me to two of her other instructors, Melissa and Denise. Working with these three talented instructors who have very different styles has allowed me to learn many variations of the exercises. I have also started to see and feel more balance in my body, allowing for more flow and natural movement.

Although I have lived an active lifestyle and have been practicing yoga for over a year, Julie and her colleagues have taught me the importance of strengthening my core muscles. As these muscles surround and protect your vital organs, it stands to reason the importance of strengthening them, since these are the muscles that protect your “engine”. In just 3 months I feel my body readjusting itself to proper balance and the flow of motion I was hoping for. Mostly, I feel the opening of my hip joints, as my main goal was to defy a doctor’s prediction that I would need a hip replacement within the next 10-15 years. This opening of my hips is also translating to my legs and back. I am happy to say that my hip has improved to the point where I no longer feel any pain and tightness. I am convinced that, if I continue my pilates practice, I will be able to avoid having it replaced.

I believe Pilates would be beneficial for young children, as well as adults, sighting the old phrase “get it right the first time”, rather than having to be reworked at 39 – a 40,000 mile tune up, if you will. Pilates is done in such moderation and the exercises can be adjusted to accommodate any level of fitness, so that physical fitness and age are not issues at all!

Frank Lee